Terms & Conditions

• Please direct all communication to the business owner Tamara on 0488015595. Please do not request to contact your carer directly. It is essential all changes to bookings and to care instructions be made via the client portal or by phoning or emailing the office. This also applies to requests for feedback while you are away. If you leave written instructions for your carer, please also update your notes in your portal or send a copy to the office. We need to have our finger on the pulse.

• We like to publish photos and videos of pets on our website and on social media. We will never publish surnames or addresses. Please advise if you would not like us to publish photos or videos of your pet/s.

• All enquiries will be attended to between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, unless an emergency. We still feed and care for pets on weekends, but need some down time and to be with our families.

• 24 hours notice is required for cancellation/early arrival home, otherwise the full service fee will be charged.

• Please give as much notice as possible should you need to extend the dates of your booking. Payment for the extra services will be required upon request. An additional fee of $15 may be charged to arrange extra services with less than 24 hours notice.

• It is essential you advise your vet of the dates that Watch’nWalkies will be caring for your pets and discuss with them payment arrangements and level of care authorised should a consult be required. If there is an illness or accident involving your pet you are responsible to the expenses incurred in relation to obtaining the services of a veterinarian.

• Contact will always be attempted with you or your emergency contact should we decide a vet consultation is required. In an emergency your pet will be taken to your preferred vet where possible. If your preferred vet is not available, or the time taken to obtain such services would endanger your pet, we may use another veterinarian as may be available and considered appropriate. A fee of $45 per hour will be charged for this service.

• You are responsible to ensure access to pets and to provide all necessary equipment, eg leads for walks. The service will be charged for if the carer arrives but cannot carry out full requirements.

• You are responsible for checking and ensuring all information supplied in your client portal is accurate and dates services are scheduled are correct, particularly when rebooking.

• Second daily visits to bring cats back inside will be charged at the minimum visit rate. If cat/s have not returned home we will refer to your instructions.

These will be either to:

  1. leave the cat out for the night
  2. wait for cat to return, charged at $45 per hour or part thereof
  3. or make a return visit later, charged at minimum service fee.

• Purchase of extra food/kitty litter etc will incur a charge of $22 in addition to the cost of the purchase

• We will endeavour to visit your pets as close as possible to your preferred time, however, dependant on other bookings and their locations there will be a two hour window. Time specific visits will incur an additional $10 charge.

• Your pet will have one main primary carer assigned to them to form a bond and maintain familiarity. Another carer may be assigned on occasion due to scheduling constraints, holiday or sickness. We are all lovely and competent people.

• Keys may be held by Watch’nWalkies for future bookings. They are kept in a locked box and have no identifying surname or address attached to them. Should you require keys to be collected or returned for a service, a fee of $22 will be charged.

• Your introductory pre service visit is complimentary. Further visits requested due to a change in pets/address/routine will be charged the minimum service fee.

• If, through circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to supply the service, we may cancel your booking and refund any payment made. This is very unlikely and we will give as much notice as possible.

• specific requirements pertaining to boarding of dogs: • vaccination, worming and flea control must be current.

• As we welcome your dog/s into our homes, it is your duty to disclose any potential destructive behaviour. We reserve the right to refuse to board or to charge a $250 bond to insure against possible damage.

• Dog/s must be house trained, or must be ok to be kept outside.

• Any significant health or behavioural matters must be advised at the time of booking.

• we may relocate your dog/s to a different carer should circumstances require.

• Boarding and House Sitting

• There is a standard minimum booking period of 2 days. The minimum is 3 days for long weekends and 5 days over the Christmas/New Year period.

• A deposit of 50% of the total fee is to be paid when booking the service during the peak periods of Easter and Christmas/New year. The remainder to be paid 3 days before commencement of boarding. Should you cancel the service, this 50% deposit will not be refunded. As places are limited, we will have turned back other requests to secure your place. A $50 cancellation fee applies at all other times.

• Watch’nWalkies and our carers will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety and health of your pets however, should some circumstance arise that results in the loss or injury of your pet, neither the carer nor Watch’nWalkies will be held responsible, no matter how caused.

• While all due care will be taken with your pet you will be liable for any damage caused by your pet to property, people or other animals.

• Watch’nWalkies warrants it has public liability insurance cover which covers third party injury and damage to goods in its care, custody and control.

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of care and affection.